A Brief on Asbestos Cement Sheet

Asbestos cement sheet is generally referred to as fibro or fibrolite cement sheets. Having several names like cement sheet or AC sheet, it is basically a building material used for several purposes mainly in the construction industry.

The Asbestos cement sheet manufacturers design these sheets using asbestos fibers reinforced to form a rigid cement plate-like structure or various other shapes. It has a long history and humans started using these sheets in World War II.

Due to its sturdy design, easy manufacturing, and affordability, it is one of the favorite materials of both buyers and asbestos cement sheet sellers. It has a range of specifications that makes it better than other roofing materials. Whether it is strength, physical characteristics, or withstanding capabilities against rust, rot, and corrosion, these structures prove them the best available solution.

The usage of asbestos in manufacturing by asbestos cement sheet makers is a result of its capabilities like fire-proofness, rigidity, and light-weightiness. It has a vast market in comparison to other available options like asphalt sheets, because of its affordability.  

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Asbestos Cement Sheet Catalogue

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-6.00% Zig Zag Asbestos Roofing Cement Sheet
Zig Zag Asbestos Roofing Cement Sheet

235.00 /Square Feet /250.00

Spec: Zig Zag Asbestos Roofing Sheet, 8 ft, 6 MM, ZIG ZAG SURFACE

MOHAMMADIA AGENCIES, Pattikonda, Andhra Pradesh

AC Sheets 24 inch
AC Sheets 24 inch


Spec: Steel / Stainless Steel, 10.77, 1.05, Galvanised

Anand Sales Corporation, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

-8.00% Zig Zag Movement Asbestos Roofing Sheet
Zig Zag Movement Asbestos Roofing Sheet

230.00 /Square Feet /250.00

Spec: Zig Zag Movement Asbestos Roofing Sheet, 8 ft, 3.5 feet, 6 MM

MOHAMMADIA AGENCIES, Pattikonda, Andhra Pradesh

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